Wednesday, July 16, 2014

In case You Didn't Know....Shiloh Is Here!

I have been meaning to give an update for quite some time now but as you can see it has been several months since my last post. I apologize! I have been spending the last, almost 3 months now adjusting to a new schedule and loving on the most precious little girl that I know :) Yes Shiloh is here! She is sleeping right now so that is the only way im even getting to write this right now:)

Shiloh decided she was not going to wait until June 2nd to make her grand entrance but instead she came April 29th, just 2 days after our shower! That text and phone call from Lindsey literally took my breath away. We were so ready and prepared but the shock of her coming right then took me by surprise then once the surprise settled down we were so excited we couldnt wait to see her! The delivery was super quick and Lindsey did amazing! We were so happy to get to be there and be apart of that day with her and we made it just in time to hear Shiloh cry for the first time and as she entered the world. (Mommy and Daddy might have cried a few tears of there own as well.) She was a tiny thing but so beautiful and precious. The time at the hospital with Lindsey was such a sweet time and we were so blessed she wanted us to be apart of everything! We have the best birth mom anyone could ask for!

We are still so thankful and even today i was blown away again by God's grace and His timing and how He pulled all this together. We love this little girl so very much and love our sweet Father who never forgets us and had this incredible plan for us even when we were not sure. God was certain and He brought us together as a family and my heart is overflowing with thankfulness and joy.

Today Shiloh is healthy and growing and even has a few little fat roles finally:) We love getting to be her mommy and daddy!

We are still in the adoption process with final court dates and post placement visits. Your prayers for those would be greatly appreciated!

Until next time!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Baby Shower

This weekend was so special to us! Yesterday was the long awaited day of our baby shower which was amazing! We loved every minute of it. Our birth mom was able to come up and visit with us the day before which made the day extra special for us as well. She had a great time and loved being able to meet our families and our friends, whom she said were all great:)
Coming home that evening and processing through the day so many emotions go through us. Just thinking of everyone doing all this for us and being so generous is still so overwhelming for me (in a good way) Each one of you who have been there through this whole process and those who have joined in along the way are so special to Brian and I and we are so thankful to have each one of you and to everyone who was apart of the shower in anyway THANK YOU! We looked so forward to getting to celebrate with you all and we want to thank every single one of you and for those who couldn't make it we missed you!
I am looking forward to putting all the cute little things away later on this morning:)

We are in the final stretch of waiting for little Shiloh to make her grand entrance into this world! Please continue to pray for her and for Lindsey as the time draws near.

Everything was wonderful from the decorations to the closing heart felt prayer. We could not have asked for a more beautiful, special day.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Excitedly Expecting

I am so excited to be able to write this post! We are expecting our first child and it's a girl!

God is so wonderful in how He works and so often in ways we are not expecting in the least bit. I am learning (though it may be slowly) when I surrender my hopes, my dream, and my plans to Him that is when I see His hand at work the most in my life. Maybe this is such a big one for me because I am a little bit of a control freak most of the time:) God is a faithful God and I believe with all my heart that it brings joy to His heart when we simply rest in Him, delight ourselves in Him and just let go and let Him be God.

Now for the story....A few months ago Brian and I were at a night of worship. We saw a friend we had not seen in a good 4 or 5 years I would say. Brian was chatting it up with him about life and just talking about things that were going on. Of course our adoption process was brought up because that is kind of a big thing for us. A few weeks later Brian gets a text from this friend asking if we were still interested in adoption. He went on to explain he had a good friend who was 6 months along and wanting to make an adoption plan and she only lived an hour away from us! Well we were super excited to talk with her and get to meet her so she called us a few days later and a few days after that we met her for the first time. She chose us to be the adoptive parents! God totally worked all these things together! We did nothing except wait.

Our birth mom is a wonderful young woman! We have been so excited that she is so close to us and that we are able to get to visit her and get to know her so much easier. She even is going to come to the baby shower which I am so excited about!

Through this waiting time though we are thrilled beyond words we struggle with a little worry too ( if I were to be completely honest).There are legal things to work out and of course the waiting but its so close! June 2nd is her due date. I am constantly reminding myself of Phil 4:6-7. God has this all in His hand and my heart is completely safe there as is yours with anything that you are facing right now. Trust Him.

Thank you all who have walked this journey with us and are still walking it with us! We wanted to share this news with you because God has used so many of you to make this possible! Please keep us, our birth mom and our baby girl covered in prayer.

I will keep you updated!

Sunday, January 5, 2014


It has been quite some time since my last post and I apologize for such a long delay.  I honestly had no idea people were waiting for updates and life just gets busy so I put this on hold.
However after several people have asked about the blog and one dear friend strongly encouraged me to keep everyone up to date with another post, here it is:)   We are waiting. Waiting to be "chosen" by the birth mom, waiting on God's timing, waiting.

During our waiting we have been praying and working hard to save the needed funds for the adoption and God has been faithful and has blessed us. Our goal is $18,000. That amount will cover the adoption, legal fees, flights to OK, training and our home study. We have been able to save, raise, and several of our friends and family have been so generous to give as well, all but $800 of our goal! That is amazing to me. We will also need an additional $700 to update our home study in April that we did not plan for. Each year we will have to keep our home study updated until the adoption is complete. After we are placed with a baby we will also have 3 additional visits to make sure the baby is adjusting and bonding with us as the adoptive parents. I am not sure the exact costs of those visits yet. That is still a little ways off yet:)

In Nov. we completed our training which was wonderful! We fell in love with CPO (our agency) even more and their ministry. We were also able to meet some really great people during our stay. Getting to finally meet our mentor in person was so much fun. She made us the best chili and cornbread ever!

So basically all the "major" things have been done on our end besides keeping the home study up to date, raising a few more dollars and the hardest part of all...waiting.

Will you please keep us in your prayers?? Now really is the hardest part. We have no time frame and sometimes it feels like an emotional roller coaster. We are so ready.  We know God has everything worked out but at times it's easier to say those types of things then to actually believe them.
I know we will not miss what God has for us and we will not miss the baby He has for us its just that the constant state of waiting is a hard place to be sometimes. However I do know and believe that God is faithful. I am simply sharing some of my heart. Thank you all for taking this journey with us and I will try my best to keep everyone up to date on how things are going and what is going on:)