Sunday, January 5, 2014


It has been quite some time since my last post and I apologize for such a long delay.  I honestly had no idea people were waiting for updates and life just gets busy so I put this on hold.
However after several people have asked about the blog and one dear friend strongly encouraged me to keep everyone up to date with another post, here it is:)   We are waiting. Waiting to be "chosen" by the birth mom, waiting on God's timing, waiting.

During our waiting we have been praying and working hard to save the needed funds for the adoption and God has been faithful and has blessed us. Our goal is $18,000. That amount will cover the adoption, legal fees, flights to OK, training and our home study. We have been able to save, raise, and several of our friends and family have been so generous to give as well, all but $800 of our goal! That is amazing to me. We will also need an additional $700 to update our home study in April that we did not plan for. Each year we will have to keep our home study updated until the adoption is complete. After we are placed with a baby we will also have 3 additional visits to make sure the baby is adjusting and bonding with us as the adoptive parents. I am not sure the exact costs of those visits yet. That is still a little ways off yet:)

In Nov. we completed our training which was wonderful! We fell in love with CPO (our agency) even more and their ministry. We were also able to meet some really great people during our stay. Getting to finally meet our mentor in person was so much fun. She made us the best chili and cornbread ever!

So basically all the "major" things have been done on our end besides keeping the home study up to date, raising a few more dollars and the hardest part of all...waiting.

Will you please keep us in your prayers?? Now really is the hardest part. We have no time frame and sometimes it feels like an emotional roller coaster. We are so ready.  We know God has everything worked out but at times it's easier to say those types of things then to actually believe them.
I know we will not miss what God has for us and we will not miss the baby He has for us its just that the constant state of waiting is a hard place to be sometimes. However I do know and believe that God is faithful. I am simply sharing some of my heart. Thank you all for taking this journey with us and I will try my best to keep everyone up to date on how things are going and what is going on:)


  1. So happy to hear things are progressing; I know the waiting is the hardest part. I love you guys and know you will be wonderful parents. Stay strong and keep believing, your blessing will be here before you know it!

  2. Thanks for the update. "They that wait upon the Lord......." I know He will bless you.